Spa de Sal

Sit in a relaxing micro-climate simulating a natural salt cave, and breath in the salt-infused therapeutic air.  Spa de Sal is the only salt therapy offering in West London.  Suitable for children and adults alike, salt therapy can help alleviate respiratory problems, skin conditions and allergies including asthma, bronchitis, eczema, psoriasis, and hay fever.  The healing properties of salt can help clear lungs of toxins and mucus, improve oxygen levels, strengthen the immune system, improve skin conditions, enhance muscle performance and reduce symptoms of allergies such as hay fever, dust and pets.

In order to see benefit from salt therapy take repeat sessions regularly.

Our client safety is our priority.  We have enhanced our already rigorous hygiene regime.  Social distancing measures in place through reduced capacity.  With the air pressure and salt infused air during a session you are in a safe and sterile environment.  Check out our website for specifics about our hygiene and social distancing processes.