Ealing Cycling Campaign

Ealing Cycling Campaign is a local branch of the London Cycling Campaign. We run social bike rides and events to help anyone who wants to cycle for transport (and fun) and we campaign for better facilities to make cycling easier. If you took to two wheels while the roads were quiet during the lockdown and feel a bit nervous about continuing we can help.

We also work in partnership with our local Breeze group which offers women-only rides. See http://www.letsride.co.uk/groups/west-london-breeze and https://www.facebook.com/breezeealing.

We are unpaid volunteers who have discovered bicycles are a good way to get around London and would love to answer your questions, see you on one of our rides or help you out if we can. (We would normally have an information stall and ‘Dr Bike’ service at the Brentford Festival, so do feel free get in touch using the email address on our website.)