by Brentford Festival

Brentford Festival at Blondin Park

Sunday 2nd September 2018 12.00pm - 6.00pm

Once your application has been submitted it will be reviewed by the Brentford Festival Event Team and they will confirm in writing that your application to exhibit has been successful. Please do not assume that your booking is confirmed upon submission of this form.

  • Remember to include your Twitter handle if you have one:

    How wonderful! Bluebell Florist @bluebell_ealing are with us selling flowers, plants, bouquets, balloons & more!

    If we have space we will link to your website.

  • Small charities and local groups

  • A pitch is approx 12’ x 12’ (3.60m x 3.60m)
    Price: £ 20.00 Quantity:

  • A pitch is approx 12’ x 12’ (3.60m x 3.60m)
    Price: £ 30.00 Quantity:

  • Larger charities and commercial

  • A pitch is approx 12’ x 12’ (3.60m x 3.60m)
    Price: £ 40.00 Quantity:

  • A pitch is approx 12’ x 12’ (3.60m x 3.60m)
    Price: £ 50.00 Quantity:

  • All donations will go towards the improvement of facilities at Blondin Park proposed sporting hub.

  • £ 0.00
    Payments are made via PayPal, you can pay via your PayPal account or your credit or debit card if you do not have a PayPal account.

    Please note we do not offer refunds for cancellations in advance or for those not able to attend on the day.

Please note

  1. We do not provide tables, chairs or gazebos for exhibitors
  2. We do not provide electricity except for the stage and bar
  3. All generators are to be diesel and will need to be Health and Safety checked by the site electrician
  4. There is no water available on site for use by stall holders
  5. If you would like to put on a display we would particularly love to hear from you. There would be no charge/no fee but an opportunity to promote yourselves
  6. There will be on-site parking for stall holders and contributors but only one vehicle allocated for each booking. It will be possible in some cases to have your vehicle behind your pitch for an extra charge
  7. There will be no vehicle movement on the site after 11.00 a.m. or before 6pm. with the exception of emergency vehicles and some transport display vehicles
  8. Local groups are defined as not for profit. Brentford Festival has a right to ask for a copy of your Constitution/Charity number
  9. Each vehicle can only enter the site once and will not be allowed to leave until the end of the festival