Diary of an Event Manager September 2018

by Brentford Festival

Diary of an Event Manager September 2018

by Brentford Festival

by Brentford Festival

August happened in a flash!

No time to put words to paper leading up to the Brentford Festival – just a lot of running around and then it was here and now it has gone!

Playback in reverse – all the event team ached by the end of the day. Those of us who were logging steps reported in – I was not one of those continually walking the site but managed to do 16,800 steps, the record was 20,000 – well done Gordon.

We were super-efficient in getting everything packed up at the end of the event including loading up my car. Unfortunately, one of the stall holders was not so fast – I decided to go and unload my car elsewhere whilst he wasn’t looking – shame on me. When I returned thirty minutes later his van was parked at the locked gate and he was in a local house ringing the council asking to be let out. Whoops. A very nice understanding man who said he had a brilliant day and has since written to us to say “see you next year” so no bad memories then.

What a brilliant day – the weather was a remarkable difference from the previous year and certainly kept people out longer. Another numbers game we had was “how many people came to the event?” The verdict is out on this one – between 10,000 and 13,000 over the period of the day but who is counting? We were thankful to Thorgills who, as part of their sponsorship of the event purchased parasols for our hired picnic tables which were much needed in such sunshine – and we get to keep them for next year.

Only a few medical incidents if you can count being stung by a wasp as one of them. Also we only had two children who had lost their parents (or was it the other way around). Our welfare lady for the day Sara Ward of Hen Corner cleverly brought along a few of her hens which proved a perfect distraction to the lost souls.

The music was amazing even if I say so myself; it was great to see so many people dancing around the stage and singing to the familiar songs. I really feel sorry for the first bands on playing to only a few people but they didn’t mind and just had a good time themselves. Having run over by 5 minutes we just couldn’t take any encores from the last band The Bats of Ealing. The MC Larry Vidal and Stage Manager Claire Gamble looked a little relieved when I stepped in to close the day down.

During the day we were raising awareness of the Blondin Consortium’s desire to build a pavilion in Blondin Park. The Brentford Festival is part of the consortium. There will be an announcement on this soon once we go live with our crowdfunding page. Thank you to all those that put into the bucket – we were delighted to count £500. To find out more in the interim, please visit www.blondinconsortium.org.uk

Thank you to everyone who came, to all the hard-working stewards, in particular to Karen and Paul on the main gate who were there at 8 in the morning getting people on to the site and were still there at the end getting people off. Also to Carol and Mike who make the bars happen – and yes they did run dry. I am so lucky to be surrounded by such lovely people.

The diary date for next year is 1st September – put it in your diary now.

Major community event in West London, always held on the first Sunday in September in Blondin Park, this popular event is free to enter and is a community engagement day for all the family.The Brentford Festival gives an opportunity for charities and local businesses to showcase themselves.The festival is run by a small number of volunteers from the local community who year on year deliver a high quality event.