Diary of an Event Manager July 2018

by Brentford Festival

Diary of an Event Manager July 2018

by Brentford Festival

by Brentford Festival

Its been a busy month so far and its nearly over!

It took a gentle nudge from one of the lovely website editors to get me writing before I missed the boat. Its not all about the Brentford Festival on 2nd September in Blondin Park because I do work (7 days a week) on various other projects within the community.

Since the June article I met with the Junction 2 community liaison person to discuss the feedback on the music festival. Many of you will know that I chose to be out the country that day so I was reliant on information that residents shared with me. I was however, able to witness the impact the event had on the park as I was back the following weekend. So, in brief, the people of Ealing and Brentford were generally happy, didn’t hear the music and praised the organisational changes such as an army of stewards and more discreet toilets. Those in Isleworth and Osterley however, who “benefitted” from the speakers being repositioned wondered where all the noise was coming from! Damage to the ground was inevitable which is still being sorted out with two big waggons of topsoil already spread on the ruts and holes filled. Just waiting for the dry weather to stop and we can sprinkle grass seed on so hope that by September it should all be back to normal. The Friends of Boston Manor commissioned the re painting of the MUGA which unfortunately got hit by one of the vehicles – the touch up is due this month – guess I better send out a reminder.

We have all of course watched the progress (or not) of the rebuilding of the piers and the return of the gates when damage was caused in June 2017. You will be pleased to hear that the date has been set (day after the Brentford Festival as it happens) for 3rd September 2018. The car park will unfortunately be closed for 2 weeks from this date whilst it all happens.

We have had some amazing walled garden party hires in Boston Manor Park during this month, everything from a wedding reception, Hounslow Carers Volunteers thank you gathering, a 35th birthday and a 60th birthday celebration (never too old to party) and two primary school leavers parties. I am always grateful to the extra volunteers who come in and help set this up with me. I feel I am getting to old to hump the furniture around myself any more – or is it that I am better at delegating over the years?

Hounslow now has a new film office (Film Fixers) who introduced themselves early on and I am pleased to say communicate with us and keep us in the loop. So, when you see a helicopter land on the football pitch next month in Boston Manor Park, they have our permission.

I have been working on a new project the BLONDIN CONSORTIUM where different partners are linked together to improve and manage their green space. This is all quite exciting but deserves its own platform so more on this another time.

So now the serious stuff – The Brentford Festival. I have been involved in the music element of the festival this year. It’s the first time that a non-musician has been so heavily involved. The music selections are a little different from previous years to add variety; I hope that you will like them. We have had the bands in place for over two months but there has had to be the inevitable change – much to the delight of the next people in line waiting to hear if they could play. We are so lucky to have bands wanting to come and entertain us – and all for a drink.

The ever-popular dog show has released its programme (check the website www.brentfordfestival.org.uk for all updates and the petting farm and various popular attractions have been booked.

I see from the back office that the stalls and the catering pitches are filling up nicely, but the big question of the moment is – if this hot weather keeps up – how many kegs of real ale do we need?

Thank you to Thorgills who have sponsored some umbrellas for our picnic benches (rain or shine) in addition to a cash donation and to The plumbers.org who most appropriately are sponsoring our toilets.

We are still looking for volunteers to help us on the day stewarding – please let us know your availability and we will give you a time slot. It can be a few hours or the whole day just let us know again this can be done by the website by completing a form.

Fifteen years ago I was in the wrong place at the right time and ended up delivering my grand-daughter much to everyone’s surprise but something great for the CV. Well my daughter is about to deliver again so if I go quiet for a couple of weeks it is because I am the support team not wanting to be a part of the main action this time.


Major community event in West London, always held on the first Sunday in September in Blondin Park, this popular event is free to enter and is a community engagement day for all the family.The Brentford Festival gives an opportunity for charities and local businesses to showcase themselves.The festival is run by a small number of volunteers from the local community who year on year deliver a high quality event.