1. To offer the residents of and visitors to Brentford, Ealing and surrounding areas the opportunity to participate in a high quality, entertaining and informative community event.
  2. To provide an opportunity for children and adults to sample a variety of sports and activities, in order to encourage their future participation in and enjoyment of sports, thus enhancing the health, well-being, lifestyle and social interaction of the community.
  3. To provide an opportunity for local and national charities to promote and raise the awareness of their charities to the general public giving them an opportunity to fundraise to help promote their aims.
  4. To raise public awareness of the facilities offered within local parks in the Boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow with particular emphasis on Blondin Park .
  5. To raise the profile of Brentford and Ealing as both rapidly developing residential areas and areas of significant historical importance.
  6. To raise the awareness of local voluntary support groups.
  7. To help promote and raise the awareness of local arts to include showcasing local musicians,
  8. To provide local voluntary support groups the opportunity to offer advice and support to the local and wider community.
  9. To foster good relationships between local government agencies such as police, fire services, etc. with the local and wider communities.
  10. To provide an opportunity for local government agencies to disseminate advice and information to improve personal and community safety.
  11. To encourage a sense of community spirit and participation within the London Boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow across all age, ethnic and religious groups.
  12. To offer a base from which local restaurants, businesses and individuals can advertise and sell their goods.
  13. To offer local and national companies an opportunity to promote their business by way of advertising and or sponsorship.
  14. To arrange or facilitate fundraising events to further the objectives of The Blondin Consortium  (a company limited by guarantee ) and to support any charitable trusts with similar objectives.
  15. To encourage stallholders and support groups who can offer advice, assistance and services to members of the community which will enhance their health, wellbeing and lifestyle.
  16. To offer children and young adults the opportunity to discover and experience new activities and develop social interaction, through play, sport and meeting facilities offered locally and nationally.